Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selling gold finished, Now buy gold

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The gold price remained sidelines as forecasted yesterday. Neither it stabilized above 912 dollars per ounce gold nor it went down. The signal is pretty clear. Though several media report a bearish trend for gold, don't be fooled by their forecast. The PMO indicator has clearly shown the uptrend is starting. If the price falls below 890 dollars per ounce gold, don't worry. Buy gold at the lowest price possible for great profit making series. Today's forecast for gold is to buy anything around 900 dollars per ounce gold. The strong resistance for bullish trend lies at 924 dollars per ounce gold. Book at least 24 dollars to your profit. Buy gold around 900 dollars per ounce gold.

Next target for gold is 924 dollars per ounce gold.
Today's oscillation: 932 dollars per ounce gold to dollars per ounce gold.

All the indicators has started to show a rally coming in near future. Look stochastic chart for correct position to buy the gold. See our updates for accurate forecast. Do not be fooled by the fundamental analysis. If the trend is started it will be hard for the fundamental news and stock indexes to break the trend. For now, have a close look at the gold price.

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