Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't sell gold until the price goes 920 dollars per ounce gold

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hope, everyone had handful of income selling gold yesterday. The price just went below 912 dollars per ounce gold. The downtrend is not over. Today's forecast for gold is to remain in sidelines. Don't expect the price of gold to go 890 dollars per ounce gold today. Sell gold if the price of gold goes over 920 dollars per ounce for another profit making series. Expect gold to touch 900 dollars per ounce. This might be the last selling chance. See how the price of gold behaves today

Next target for gold today: 912 dollars per ounce gold
Today's price for gold will go from 924 dollars per ounce gold to 900 dollars per ounce gold.

Don't sell gold below 900 dollars per ounce. That is the red zone for selling gold. Gold price can jump anytime, but the gold will not go up until it touches 89o dollars per ounce gold.

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